It’s about damn time: Spotify is now on Apple Watch

It’s about damn time: Spotify is now on Apple Watch

Apple Watch owners have previously only had one of the two biggest music streaming services available to control from their wrist: Apple Music.

But that’s not true anymore, as Apple Music’s biggest competitor, Spotify, has officially released the version of Spotify for Apple Watch that it had been beta testing via TestFlight. It’s news that will have subscribers who own Apple Watches overjoyed, as the app has been in huge demand for some time.

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Spotify subscribers who also own Apple hardware will love that they can now have an official version of the Swedish streaming service on their wrist — an option that was previously available via a third-party app called Spotty that has been discontinued.

Spotify apparently been working closely with a developer that previously created another unofficial app called Snowy to develop this new official app.

As far as functionality goes, it’s nearly identical to the kinds of wrist-based playback adjustments that Apple Music subscribers have long enjoyed on their tiny portable computers. The app allows users to play, pause, and skip through their favorite tracks, making it easy to control what tunes they’re jamming out to while on the go. It will be particularly handy for those who like to use their Apple Watches during workouts; Spotify users previously had to lug along their bulky cell phone.

One thing that subscribers will also love is that Spotify Connect functionality is available through the app, allowing them to pick what Spotify-connected devices they want to use their watch to control playback on — a nice touch that essentially makes an Apple Watch into a remote control for at-home listening.

Unfortunately, it does look like users will have to have an internet or cell phone connection to use the app. According to beta testers, offline downloads are not currently supported — though that is a feature that could be added later. The company has stated that more functionality will soon be coming to the app, and recommended that users, “Keep your updates turned on.”

Still, those who have been long awaiting support for the most popular paid music streaming service on earth will likely be smitten with the news, especially after so many years without this functionality.

Updated on November 13, 2018: Updated to reflect that the Spotify app has officially been released.