Sonos adds YouTube Music, rounding out its streaming service support

Sonos adds YouTube Music, rounding out its streaming service support

Popular multiroom and smart speaker brand Sonos has provided potential buyers with yet another reason to consider its vast array of devices: The company has launched support for YouTube Music, Google’s growing on-demand music-streaming service.

Subscribers can now stream their favorite YouTube Music hits directly via the Sonos app, where they can browse through their playlists, albums, and songs — all of the music that’s been saved to their music library. The company has also added sections inside the app that showcase recommendations, chart-topping hits, and the latest releases.

The functionality is available to Sonos owners in all countries where YouTube Music and YouTube Premium are available.

It’s not an unexpected move for the company, which already supports Google Play Music — an on-demand streaming service that will eventually shutter and become part of YouTube Music, according to Google. By adding support now, Sonos simply makes that eventual transition easier for its customers.

Those who still use Google Play Music regularly should be preparing to make that switch sometime this year. The company has previously said that it hopes to transition all users over to YouTube music in 2019. All their of uploaded content — songs, playlists, and more — will be added to their YouTube Music catalog.

We’re big fans of the Sonos ecosystem, with everything from the company’s soundbars to its small Play:1 smart speaker offering excellent fidelity and functionality. If you’re a YouTube Music subscriber who’s been holding out on Sonos simply because it lacked support for your music streaming service of choice, now is a perfect time to take advantage of the upcoming changes.

Sonos also supports virtually every other major streaming service online — including Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, SoundCloud, and Tidal — and even allows you to play music that’s in playlists on iTunes and Windows Media Player, via your home network. If you’re looking for more in-depth recommendations when it comes to adding a new wireless speaker to your home (or are considering purchasing a Sonos model), we recommend you check out our comprehensive list of the best smart speakers you can buy, which covers all facets of the current market.